Happy Birthday! – Gavin

It was my 11th birthday, and I was super excited for my presents that year. I had wished for a bunch of N64 games, and since I didn’t have any other games for it yet, I was overflowing with anticipation. When night finally came, my relatives began arriving, and the gifts were lining up. When it finally came time to open them, I was shaking with excitement.  I open the first gift and… empty. What a surprise! I was very upset, and no other birthday party was ever the same.

This was entirely made up by my mind, plus reality.

One thought on “Happy Birthday! – Gavin

  1. Hi Gavin I like how you were excited for you present’s that year and in the night and I also like how your relatives were arriving and how all of the gift’s were lineing up and I also like how you were shaking with excitement I love that part.

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