Gymnastics- Caitlyn

I love gymnastics. One day I hope to go to the Olympics. I’ve been taking classes since I was five years old. My parents say to go for the gold. I have improved so much over the past five years. I’ve learned a lot more skills. I have also gotten better on others. I feel if I keep pushing myself past the limit I will succeed. So, what lies ahead of me is going to the Olympics. So anyone who wants to succeed at anything just keep trying. You will get there very, very      soon. Please keep doing your best.

One thought on “Gymnastics- Caitlyn

  1. Hi Caitlin,

    I love the positive tone of your writing and it is really impressive that you are encouraging others to emulate your achievements. Good job!
    Keep up the good work in your writing and keep working towards those Olympics!

    Team 100WC
    Bury, UK

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