Katsumi and her friends were walking around their little town, when they saw a bike shop. They went in the shop, they saw a yellow bike, and wanted to buy it. There was a sign on it that said, “Don’t ride this bike unless you want to break your leg.” They took no notice of it, and went to the counter to buy it. The clerk said, “Did you not already see the sign on the bike.? It says not to buy it, or you will break your leg..” Katsumi read the sign, and took it back to the corner.

One thought on “Giova

  1. Giova you have written an interesting story but I cannot see the actual prompt anywhere! Thats the really important thing in this challenge – to work hard to include the words that are set, and that way everyone who participates is on an equal footing.
    Keep working hard on your writing, and if you like, come along to my class blog at
    Ms M #100WC

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