One day I decided to help my mom with the groceries. I asked my mom if I can help her with it and she said yes, so I carried some of the bags. It went smoothly, but then my mom needed help with a bag, so I went to help her…It was filled with heavy stuff….But I was strong, so I decided to just help her anyway. When I went to help her, I tried to lift it up…It was heavier then I expected…I told my mom, “Mom, I need help lifting this up…” She agreed, and that was the last bag!

2 thoughts on “GIOVA.

  1. Wow this is some amazing work .
    But Next time when you write you next amazing piece of writing ,
    When you put a full stop press enter so you are on a new line .
    I love how you have all your punctuation and capital letter’s for a new line .

    From Caitlyn
    Morrinsville, New Zealand .

  2. Hi Giova,
    I like this story but when your mum said yes It would have been easier to read if you put Speech marks around yes.
    but overall I liked this story I can relate to this.

    From Natasha
    In New Zealand

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