ginger bread house,kareem

Once I was building a ginger bread house. However when I was building the yellow house I couldn’t finish It. I went to sleep, but when I woke up  it was finished I looked at the camera I saw a ginger bread man building the house gingerly. It was remarkable! I watched it I didn’t no if it was real or not. I studied the video, but at the end It turned out It was a prank I was kind of surprised kind of mad that it was built. The good thing is that I got to eat it. Yummmmmmmmmm!

One thought on “ginger bread house,kareem”

  1. Hi, Kareem.

    This was a clever idea for a story. One word was missing from the prompt (discovered), so be careful to double check next time.

    How did the video turn out to be a prank? Who was playing the trick on you?

    I noticed that you have been working hard on making sure your stories follow a sequence of things happening. You did a nice job once again.

    Keep working hard and re-reading your work for small errors in punctuation and same sounding words like “know” and “no.”

    Keep creating,

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