Ending Up Here -Sahana

Poof! Suddenly I was in a dark mysterious place. The shimmery dust cascading down my shoulders produced just enough light so I could see the outline of trees. I saw a faint shape coming towards me and then everything went black. I opened my eyes, what happened? I sat up and saw trees, “Why do I have to still be here, and not in some amazing, magical, wonderful land?” I tried to stand up, but found my feet tightly strapped to a log. I looked behind me and saw many boats, “How did you possibly get here?” a voice said.

3 thoughts on “Ending Up Here -Sahana”

  1. Well, Sahana, you did it again! Your writing knocked my socks off! Do you know why?


    The ending has left me in suspense! I love it! The sentence, “I opened my eyes…….,” was slightly awkward. A few more words would make work a little better.

    I hope you tell what happens next.


  2. Thank you so much Damien and Hemingway! I am planning to continue to write about her adventures in the woods. I will make sure to use your advice.

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