Dr.Zazlow 100 w/c By.Aidan

Their was a man named Dr Zazlow. He was a scientist and had the weirdest inventions anyone has ever seen. Then one day he turned evil. He created a giant that would destroy the world. He also wanted to create a super villain but it turned into a superhero. The superhero name is Super Blast. Super Blast fought the giant and saved the world. Everyone cheered. Dr. Zazlow said “I didn’t remember putting it on superhero mode.”Zazlow apologies and the world says it is fine. Super Blast got rich and Zazlow went to jail. Super Blast is the only superhero.

4 thoughts on “Dr.Zazlow 100 w/c By.Aidan

  1. Hi Aidan. I do like the way you were able to fit the prompt phrase into this very busy short story. I think Dr Zazlow should now concentrate his energy on creating superheroes and no more super villains don’t you?
    Their / There
    Thanks for sharing,
    Jackie (Team 100WC)
    New Zealand

  2. Kia ora Aidan. Well done, I really enjoyed reading your story. I especially like your idea of the invention going wrong! I can see that you’ve paid attention to punctuation too – using capital letters for the names. Great job Aidan – keep rising to the 100 Word Challenge!

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