Defending America/Aidan Leitelt

Their was an attack on America by the British.The Americans had towers with canons in them.In one tower there were four men.They were called the good four.One of them said…fire!!!!!.BOOM!!!!!!!.They sunk a boat!Then another ship fired at them but missed.Then that same ship blew up another tower.Then the good four reloaded and fired at the ship and that ship snuck too.The Americans won!!!Then they cheered and then another ship came in and fired and hit the top of the tower but no one got killed.Then the good 4 fired and hit them.Then they cheered again.The Americans won.Yayyy.


The End.

By Aidan

One thought on “Defending America/Aidan Leitelt

  1. Good job writing this Aidan I really liked how you named those men the “Good four” and with great onomatopoeia like BOOM! I also loved that it ended with a good ending.

    By Jeremy.

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