Dave the Gingerly Yellow Cat- Kona

Once there was a cat named Dave. He was a  rather gingerly, and his fur was mostly yellow. Dave’s owner Carl loves Dave.  Once his son’s toy that he loved fell in his pool, and Dave found it and got it out. So Carl was in love with him. However Dave has done some pretty naughty things! Once Carl discovered that Dave used his son’s sandbox as a litter box! Carl thinks back to all of the remarkable things that Dave has done and forgets about it. So Dave is happy, Carl is happy, and Carl’s son is also happy.

One thought on “Dave the Gingerly Yellow Cat- Kona”

  1. It was a pretty good story kona, but when you wrote “He was a rather gingerly.” You shouldn’t have put the a in front of the word gingerly.

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