One day I had to bring a huge box to my grandma’s house, and it was heavier than I expected. I was scared because my grandma’s house is about a 10 minute walk. So I carried the box as far as I could then I just fell. I couldn’t get up after that fall the box had fallen on me. Then I went to the Doctor’s office and took some x-ray’s and my leg was broke. I was so sad because now I can’t play basketball, soccer, baseball, or football. After a while I could walk again. So that’s the end!

2 thoughts on “Cole

  1. Cole. Your writing is very good and your spelling it 100%. But I always thought that soccer and football were the same thing. Try to research that. Next time you could try to make an ending that doesn’t say “so that’s the end” but other than that Cole your writing is amazing. Abby Room 4 St Joes.

  2. Hi Cole
    I liked how you made your writing sound true. I thought that you just need to writ my leg was broken because broke does not make sense in it


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