Classic Rover St. By: Omar

Every winter, there is one man who always salts his lawn to make the ice melt. For some reason, the salt he pores is brown. It was so unusual that me and my friends thought that is what they feed giraffe. We went to check it out and his lawn was all greasy. My friends and I were all so confused. ” Why is his lawn like it has oil on it?” Jake said. We knocked on his door, which I regret because, he answered and started to yell and question why we were on his yard. We stayed speechless.

2 thoughts on “Classic Rover St. By: Omar

  1. Well, Omar, some people sure can be particular about their lawn. I’m not so sure what this man was doing! Your story followed a good sequence of events and made sense. It also left me scratching my head since there was no explanation.
    Keep writing!
    Mrs. Silver
    Team 100
    IL, USA

  2. To Omar,
    Excellent use of the prompt words this week – your story is crazy which they often are when the 5 prompt words need to be included. I thin this is why my class like them so much.
    Keep up the great writing,
    Mrs Horan
    Team 100WC – Morrinsville NZ

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