Ugly Rat -Giova ;-;

One day, me and my friend wanted to go to the store. On the way there, we saw a talking rat that was panting, “…Which way to the shops..? It panted.” We didn’t know what to do, so my friend picked up the ugly rat, and we walked to the store. (Technically a shop) Almost there, we both stop in mid steps, to see another ugly rat. That rat said, “I was walking around everywhere, trying to find the other ugly rat. I found the rat now, can I walk with you guys?” We said yes, then we found the store.


One time there was two cats that could talk! They had to get to a shop as fast as they can because they had to buy a scratching post. This was no ordinary scratching post it was the best one ever and it was at the store, but there was one left so they had to hurry. So they were running to the shop then “Which way to the shops?” it panted So they pulled out GPS and then looked for the shops. They followed the map with GPS, and got to the store and finally got the scratching post

Kosiso Where are the shops at it panted

Malaise lived with her mom, dad,and brother. The army came to her house and said that they needed more people in the army and if he didn’t come they will kill him. Her dad was old but he fought in WW2 and had just recovered from an injury. He had to leave the next morning so Malaise grabbed al his things and left early in the morning. She got hurt by one of the missiles then she went into a coma. When she woke she thought she was in a store and said which way are the shops, she panted.

Where is the shop-Isabel

Where is the shop? I panted for it took a long time to find the store, that i wanted to go into. I was looking for the store with bones and treats in it. My human took me to a store that had human coverings. That was not fun to sniff at. Next we went to another store that had food in it. It looked like it was food for me but it was for humans again. Not good for me but then we went to the section where there is food for me. I was happy to find treats.

The Marathon-Gavin

Jerry ran a marathon but forgot to pack water bottles. During the break jerry sprinted to the concession stand and said “which way to the shops?” He panted. The woman at the stand told him to make two rights and one left. He sprinted down the streets hoping the marathon didn’t start with out him. Once he made it to the shop he bought three water bottles and a fanny pack to put them in. He made it back to the marathon just in time to race. Surprisingly with the extra weight added he won the marathon.

The End