The day instruments ran away-Michael

I was walking home from school when I noticed a trumpet on the street. I didn’t know what kind of a person would leave a trumpet out on the street. I was disgusted as a casually sauntered into my house. When I got home, I wanted to practice the piano.  When I went to my piano table, it wasn’t there. I knew something fishy was going on. I went back outside to play basketball and suddenly found my piano on my driveway. I brought it inside and tried to play it, but it was completely out of tune. Oh no!

Gavin’s favorite guitar- Nico

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Gavin who had a favorite guitar named Guitaro. He played Guitaro everyday after school. One day, Gavin went to play Guitaro when he saw his sister Susy playing his guitar. He told her not to play on Guitaro until she learned how to play it properly. After he explained the situation about his sister to his mom, he went to play Guitaro, but it was completely out of tune. He only knew one person that could tune Guitaro, Mrs. Bones, his music teacher. Gavin thought to himself, Mrs. Bones hates me!

That One Weird Guitar – Mohammad

One day, I was doing my thing and walking down the street. However, this day was the weirdest of all. I saw a guitar on the street. I asked if it was anyone’s. Nobody claimed it, so I did. I started to play it but it was completely out of tune, so much that it sounded as if I were doing my most annoying noise. I started to tune it. After tuning, the guitar sounded so much better. This 100 WC has nothing to do with throwing watermelons at your teachers. I went to school and threw a watermelon after that.

The unusual instrument by Aden

Once upon a time Jared was walking and found an unusual intrument laying on the ground. It had buttons, holes, and lights all around it. When he blew into it, it glowed with many colors from the lights. It made an awful sound when he blew but suddenly all the birds came to him and started to dance around him. When he got home he showed his mom. His mom said blow into it and so he did. When his mother seemed shocked he asked why she told him that it sounded beautiful. Jared screamed “what do you mean, mother.”

The One And Only Greg The Great: by Omar

Their was once a boy who loved to play the guitar. He was not the most popular person in his class, in fact no one liked him really. He could not show his talent of playing the guitar cause of his class. A few weeks later they posted a talent show he was more ready then ever the day befor it. On the list he was the last one to go. Then It was Gregs turn he was playing until a kid threw a lego and hit the tune button. He did not realize but it was out of tune.