100wc – Samuel

What do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted? It’s a serious question, and I don’t think anyone knows the exact answer, but we can make predictions. I think that it will be a bigger problem than you think. Many species like polar bears or penguins would go extinct. A lot of Earth’s fresh water would disappear and we wouldn’t have as much drinking water. There would be many protests about it, too. I think the world would become worse if the ice caps melted, or at least that’s my prediction. Thank you for reading this.

Julian 100 wc

I work at a science lab and it was just a normal day me going to study microbes in my and my partners station. When I got their I set down my bag got out my note pad and pencil to recorded all the data I get when I do my research on the microbes. My friend was already their and I sat down at my station. I looked over and him and asked him what do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted? He turned to face me and said something terribly bad I think.

Simons 100 word challenge

If the ice caps melted i think the sea and oceans water levels would rise. It would effect a lot of things like some places would be below the water. So it could effect small islands and humans could drown and there would be no beaches to have fun and it could effect local business because they would be under water. Also lots of cities could go under the water and then we would not have those cities to visit or live and they would need to move places. What do you think will happen if the ice caps melted.

100 Word Challenge – Cali

Every week our class writes a 100 Word Challenge ,and every week the challenge has a prompt that we have to follow. This week when Mrs. Osika announced what the prompt she said that the prompt was, what do you think will happen If ice caps have completely melted. We all agreed that the prompt this week, what do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted, was the hardest prompt we have had to do. We still have to do it though, and we all hated that. It was the worst part of doing the 100 Word Challenge.

100wc- Aiden

In my science class we were learning about global warming. She was telling us about the northern hemisphere about all of the ice caps melting. She told us “What do you think will happen if the ice caps completely melted?” At first I didn’t know what to say, but joe came up with an answer. He said that it would affect our earth in a terrible way. He also said that many animals on the glaciers would probably be extinct since their natural habitat would be destroyed. Then, after when the bell rang, I was so worried about the earth.