Boat- Kona

To me the boat tells me a story about being over seas. Being over seas with harsh, cruel, strong winds. It tells me about a ship wreck that had occurred in that very spot.  No, not in the middle of the forest.  No, but in the middle of the deep Atlantic Ocean.  When the water level was higher than the treetops. When there wee creatures all about.  when the ocean was alive and colorful.  Although, that one part of ocean is no more. Of course we still have the Ocean today. But not as good as it used to be.

2 thoughts on “Boat- Kona”

  1. Hi, Kona.

    I like how you explain that the boats tell a story. I agree. What a nice approach to this week’s writing prompt.

    Make sure you reread your work each week for small errors like spelling and capitalization. Try to make each sentence meaningful in the words you choose. Make every word count in your writing.

    You used some creative adjectives! Awesome job!


  2. Your blog is fantastic. I love your adjectives and words to describe the ocean. Be sure to revise your writing for spelling errors. Great job, continue writing!

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