Billy the scarf. Ella

Billy is not like any other scarf. He can talk and act like humans. More than anything Billy loves to ride his yellow bike. He often rides it to the park down the road. One day when he was on his way to the park three boys jumped out from behind some bushes. They grabbed him off his bike so fast Billy became so dizzy his head started to hurt. One of the boys started telling Billy how he really liked his bike. Next thing he knew the boys were tying Billy’s bike to a tree. Billy cried all night.

One thought on “Billy the scarf. Ella

  1. Hi Ella,
    Great story this week,
    I loved the way you said ‘Billy was dizzy’ because some people would say that the grabbed him off his bike and they wouldn’t describe how fast and how Billy felt.

    From Ashley your hub buddy Ashley,
    Ms. Brennock’s 6th class,
    Please check out my class blog below👇🏼

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