Ava- 100 word challenge- The vinegar science experiment

“Ok class,” my teacher said. “Today we will do the vinegar science experiment.” I was not excited for this. We grabbed the vinegar. I smelled it a lot, and the vinegar was to sharp. I started coughing, and coughing. My friend thought I was choking! She grabbed me and started shaking me and saying, “ She is Choking!” I told her I was fine, and we went on with our experiment. We poured the water, the milk, the glitter, and the activator. It created a beautiful firework show! So maybe that very sharp vinegar  actually does pay off, sometimes. The End.

One thought on “Ava- 100 word challenge- The vinegar science experiment

  1. This is a great story Ava! You did a great job of using speech marks correctly. The experiment you were carrying out with your class sounds very interesting! Keep up the good work.

    Ms Gray

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