Ava 100 word challenge- The Perfect Gift

It was Christmas Eve, everything was on the tree like ordements, and there was holly by the front door. When I was putting logs in the fire, I noticed that I had to get a gift for my best friend Katey from theater! I ran to target to get the perfect gift. There had to be something there that I could buy for her. I walked through the store, and went to the clothes section. That’s the exact moment that I found the perfect pair of dark blue ripped jeans, and a pink sweatshirt. On Christmas Day, Katey loved it!

2 thoughts on “Ava 100 word challenge- The Perfect Gift

  1. Great story Ava.I love the description you used,But just one spelling mistake in Ornaments but apart from that it was a great story!

  2. Very good story very good at being descriptive .
    I like the way u included what u got your bestfriend.

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