Ava 100 word challenge- The look a like

I was at home watching television when the news came on. The man with blonde hair and a nice black suit said that this girl got super famous! She looked a lot like me (brown hair and brown eyes), and it looked like my Mom was in the picture to. It seems we were on the Television. I couldn’t believe it! I told my mom, and she didn’t believe me. She examined the picture and the background. She told me that it wasn’t us, and we were never there. They must of just looked the same. Just a look a like.

6 thoughts on “Ava 100 word challenge- The look a like

  1. Hi Ava,
    Fynn and I just read your story and we enjoyed it.

    We liked how you added a twist and that it only ‘seemed’ like you were on the television, even though you weren’t really.

    Well done!

    From Fynn and Michelle

  2. sup Ava i like when you make it bold the letters and the just look like from the people who look like you

  3. Hello Ava I can just imagine you being on T.V with your parents and I wonder who that super famous girl was.

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