Ava 100 word challenge- eggs on my blanket

One day, I was tying on the last fringe to my black blanket. As I finished the light flickered few times. My mom just washed the dishes. Was it that? I ran downstairs with my blanket, but when i got down there was smoke! We had a fire in our house! My mom had overdone the eggs! My mom put out the fire, but the disappointing part was that the eggs flew and smashed on my blanket! I don’t care that there was even a fire, my blanket was ruined! Poor poor blanket eggs do not even go with blankets.

One thought on “Ava 100 word challenge- eggs on my blanket

  1. hi Ava

    i love your story it was so cool next time read though your writing before you post i cant wait for some more of writing

    from biankha

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