The veteran Bees By, Niko

You are probably asking, “ How did we get the  bees?” Well, it started a long time ago in the year 9999. When everyone once was  bees. The reason we have those golden bees, because those are the graves of the best bee fighters in the war. The war was between and the bees against the wasps. They were arguing, then it lead to violence. The bees were not happy, so they attacked the wasps. They were fighting for a decade. The war was very gory, but the bees won. Later, we evolved into humans. The bees were Juan, John, and Jose.

Bees by Carmen

There are 3 kids that got lost in the forest. Abby, Katy, and Lana. They found a cage and walked into it. There were 3 golden bees in it but it wasn’t any ordinary bees they were made out of metal. They also talked and said if you touch me I will turn you into a bee. So than Abby touched it and the bees said next one. Now Katy and Lana touched it and they all turned into gold metal bees and are in a wooden cage. They are thinking we are gonna die here aren’t we. The very scary end. 

The Invasion of Gold Bees-Kam

”RUN”, cried the cashier at the grocery store,”THE BEES ARE COMING”.  Sure enough when John looked up. There were the millions of golden bees hovering above.  He never thought they they would make it this far because, they started in Washington and now they are in New York.  The bees are from the faraway planet GOLDOR and they have been tormenting the world for almost a month now.  The world is no more we will cease to exist as mere human beings.  Then the magical bear expelled the bees from their living honey. That bear saved us all for now…

The bee invasion – Kaden

In 1907 there was a bee invasion. There were hundreds and hundreds of bees that were as big as a bus flying around Chicago. They would land on buildings and start crushing them. Then I could hear a thump on the roof of my apartment. Then suddenly I saw a huge bee coming right after me! I got so scared, and then a miracle happened. There was a super bright light that sucked all the huge bees and then they all disappeared. There were 5 killed and 24 injured. The buildings were all broken but it was okay. Thankfully I was also okay.


One day a swarm of bees were coming. These weren’t ordinary bees these were big bees, and there was a man named Wim Hof, Ice Man, he had ice powers. He could freeze any objects out of the air. So the bees were coming and the news was saying to run. So people were getting in their cars trying not to get stung, but then a person got stung and everyone was scared! So the bees were coming then Wim Hof froze them out of the air. Then 10 years later they built a statue for Wim Hof and the bees.