Ashlynn 100 w/c

“A-Are you sure this is it?” Said George

”yeah this is where they said the abandoned castle was.” Said Clay

”um o-ok if you say so clay. Where even is the entrance to this place?”

”are you ok George? You look White

”y-yeah I’m fine”

”wow so scary. Fake dead leaves

”what is that It looks like a huge bowling ball”


Clay and George managed to get out of the way but they were lost inside there

“Jeez these people are crafty“

they managed to find their way out and they never came back

One thought on “Ashlynn 100 w/c

  1. Hello Ashlynn, well, that was an adventure for your characters. I liked how you started your story with a question and created a bit of a mystery. It is very common for people to say they are OK, when they obviously are not. I wonder why we do that. Punctuation and capital letters are a couple of things you might choose to improve in your writing. Well done with your creative ideas, though.

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