Ashlynn 100 W/C

“It’s too hot I want to go inside!” Said Wilbur

“We haven’t even gotten there yet!” Said Niki

Niki and Wilbur were going to their friend’s pool party

“Well I’m bored”

“Ummm….Let’s play eye spy!”

“Ummm….I spy with my little eye something…….yellow?”

“The Sun?”


“Well nothing else is yellow, what was it?”

“That yellow bike back there. Did you see it?”

“What yellow bike?”

“The one back there, tied to that electrical pole.”


“Never mind….”

“Well it’s ok because we’re almost there anyways


“Wilby we’re here!!!”

“Wilby?What kind o-”

“Hey Niki! Hey Wilbur glad you could come!”

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