One day I was playing in my yard when I saw a really weird thing in the back. It kinda looked like Endor from star wars. It was very wet but it hadn’t rained in 2 weeks. The things looked like headless demons. They were super scary looking. I had to explore. For now let’s just call them people until we know what they really are. So I went down to the people and I saw a little shed right next the little creek. I looked inside and there was a little tiny dwarf inside there.”Greetings earthling. My name is Courineer.”
“Um, ok? I’m Angelo. “
“ Would you like som caterpillar soup? “
“ No thanks, but thanks for asking.”” Can you tell me what the little things out there are?”
“ Oh yes, those are my minions.”

One thought on “Angelo100wc

  1. Hi Angelo
    You have done a great job of setting a scene and then introducing us to some characters in this 100WC. The way you have written this is very compelling – I really want to know more about Courineer and his minions!

    Helen (Team 100WC)
    New Zealand

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