Abandoned Village Lana

I am ten years old. My name is Lana. My father and I travel the world to see dolphins. We once got lost in a town. I was seven, and my dad went to a grocery store. Although it was Saturday, there was nothing open, so we starved. We finally found a village that was open and had a feast. Now my dad and I want to go back to that village. We went to the village and there were still no people. We decided to call this the abandoned village. I love adventures because they’re so fun. The End!!!!

3 thoughts on “Abandoned Village Lana

  1. Hello Lana,
    I found your story very intriguing. You used the prompt very well. My favourite part was when you mentioned the dolphins. It reminded me of a time when my friends and I went to a place but when we went back it was closed. Are you ten years old in real life ?

    Holly~ Ms Brennock’s Class

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