Abandoned Boats- Chloe’

One day in the park my friends and I found some mysterious abandoned boats.  We told the park director, and he said he had never seen them before so we decided to call the police. They said they would come over and check it out. When they came they knew where the boats had come from. They were old fashion so they must have been ancient. They were from a museum where some one stole them! The police called a trailer to take them back. Once they had arrived the museum thanked us for helping figure out the horrible mystery.

One thought on “Abandoned Boats- Chloe’

  1. Hi Chloe,

    I really enjoyed this story. I liked how there was a bit of action into your story. I hope you keep writing stories like this one! Next steps are just to put commas where they are needed but other than that you did really good!

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