A Bee’s Life. Ella

Life as a bee is extremely hard. My parents are bees and so am I. Most bees have short lives, including my parents. They both got stepped on by a child. I cried for days, but my parents did get noticed. There is this huge statue in the center of my hive. They turn the honored bees to metal and position them up there. I would never want to be put up there. I am the person who never wants to be noticed or honored. I wish no body knew about me. However, I was just crowned the queen bee.

2 thoughts on “A Bee’s Life. Ella

  1. Hi Ella,
    I really liked your story this week,
    I loved how you opened your story with…..Life as a bee is hard, it made me really want to read it.

    From your hub buddy Ashley,
    Ms. Brennock’s 6th class,
    Please check out my class blog here.

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