oliver 100 wc

Hello, my name is Ron. I live in the town of irons, and living in this town, I am an iron. I will take you on a tour. This is the statue of our founder, King Irony III. He bravely lead our people to this settlement to live. He was very brave, but he was struck down in a battle against the microwaves. However this was two hundred years ago. All the microwaves are gone, they were lead away by their leader. They were tired of all the fighting, smart people. Anyway, that was my tour. Thanks for stopping by!

100wc – Samuel

Once upon a time there was an ironing contest. All of the old ladies competed in it because of the grand prizes: $1,000 and a big ironing trophy. “You’ll never beat my ironing, Francine!” Sharon said. “No way!” Said Francine. “I’m way better than you in ironing AND at Bingo!” “We’ll see about that!” Said Sharon. After all of the old ladies got into the building, they started ironing. Everyone was quiet except for Sharon and Francine, who were arguing the whole time. When the contest finished, it was a draw between Francine and Sharon. They decided to split the winnings.

Julian 100wc

I’m a giant that lives up in the clouds and my mom told me to do the laundry. I grabbed the iron and then went to the outside table. I forgot to grab all of our cloths and had to go back inside to grab it. I came back outside, and looked up at the beautiful sky and tried to grab the iron but touched the hot end. I screamed in pain and knocked the iron off the island. It fell down to a medieval city in Illinois. Now after many years you can see it in the big city.

The iron contest by Aiden Wainwright

It was a crazy day for me and my family, and mostly everybody else. It was whoever can make the worlds biggest iron, wins 10,000 Chuck E. Cheese tokens. Everybody in my family was excited about it. I had to win. This was my only time I could prove I’m better then them at something. Tre and Madison brought friends to help them. I didn’t have any friends so I had a different idea, Youtube. One video taught me to cheat. I loved that idea so I used cardboard. It was time for judging, and I destroyed my family and won!

Simons 100 word challenge

This statue has been here for as long as I can remember. It looks like an iron, but a lot bigger than a normal one. I see it every coming from school and back every day. My friends and I  talk about it every day. We don’t know who put it there, but we always wonder. We think someone put it there about 100 years ago, but its cleaned every week. We don’t know if it is 100 years old because there’s no rust or dirt or anything like that. So it’s still a really big mystery to this day. THE END