100w/c Katrina

The heat was unbearable, so… we just went inside. It wasn’t very interesting. We were already having a bad day so we thought it would be best to go inside. A good vacation turned into a boring day. Lina was kinda upset, but they would be in Hawaii for the rest of the week so it didn’t matter. However, they did remember their hotel had a pool. They raced to change and go out to the pool. Ava and Lina were the first ones at the pool. Zack got there next. The pool was refreshing on a hot summer day.

100wc – Samuel

Marcus woke up to the fire alarms blaring in his ears. He jumped out of bed so fast he felt dizzy. He tried to find where the fire was, so he opened his door. The fire was in the room right beside him and it was very hot. The heat was unbearable, so he went back in his room to devise a plan on how to get out of his house. He started by calling the fire department, but how was he going to jump out of his 2 story house. He didn’t know what to do, so he stayed there.

Simons 100 word challenge

The heat was unbearable, so we had to go home 2 days early. let me catch you up on what happened, we went to a camping site and we were planning to stay there for 1 week. The first 3 day’s were ok, but on the third day it got very hot and we were almost out of drinking water. Now we are trying to get back home, it’s a 10 mile walk. Also we are almost out of water so we need to get home fast. But on the way home we found a river, and got enough water to make it home.

The dessert by Julian

I am a tourist that was in a tour bus with many other people including some of my co-workers. We where driving in the Arabian dessert and thats when the bus crashed. All I heard was screaming. I woke up and saw the wreckage of the bus, I guess that they thought I had died in the crash and left me. I sat up, the heat was unbearable so, i had to find a town or village. I saw a couple of people that didn’t make it through the crash. I really hope I can get out of hear.

100 Word Challenge – Cali

My friends and I decided to go on a trip to Arizona for the summer, and when we got there it was already 10:00. So, we went to our hotel, and went straight to sleep, because we were exhausted. When we woke up the next morning we went to a nice buffet for breakfast, and then walked around the city. But, the heat was unbearable, so we decided to go back to the hotel and played games until night. Because they decided it was to hot to go outside, they decided to take the next flight back to their home town.