Simon’s 100 word challenge

I am so hungry said my friend then i said then we need to jump up the hill back to the pink house we need to concentrate because if we fall we could get sissy and the world would look like its revolving.  So we made it to the house to get some food but there no food here. So we went to the store to get some food we got chips and french fries now we are home.  We are going to eat are food now and watch tv. We are going to watch SpongeBob and eat. THE END

Oliver 100 WC

If you are hungry you can just go into that concrete building over there. Yes, that one with the pink overhang. When you get inside the revolving door, get prepared to jump! Good job, you got over the rolling log. Now, the snack bar is over to the right, or you could go to the cafe over on the left. Just make sure to watch out for booby-traps! Yes, that’s right, this place is trapped. After all, this is the super secret cafe. It’s a wonder you even made it in, most people don’t even make it through the door!

100 Word Challenge – Cali

All I have been doing is siting on the couch, so I decided to go jump roping. I was just jumping up and down and up and down, when I had this thought. What if concrete was pink! Anyways, after jumping roping for almost an hour and a half, I went inside because I was hungry. So, I made some macaroni and cheese, with carrots and apples. While in the middle of eating I had a random thought. What if instead of Earth revolving around the sun, the sun revolved around the Earth! I have a lot of random thoughts.

100wc- Aiden

It was a sunny day today, the skies were blue, the trees are blooming, everything was fine until Johnny came. Johnny was mean. He thought everything revolved around him, but it didn’t. He was walking outside and saw the finest concrete to ever exist. Somehow that made him hungry, and wanted something to eat. The first thing that came to his mind was macaroons, so he went to the store and found some. When he ate his macaroon he felt like he was in a good dream. When he got to school, he was a different person.

100wc – Samuel

One day I was very hungry, so I decided to go to Culver’s. I got their Concrete Mixer (Milkshake) and went home. I was so excited that I jumped for joy. I got the Strawberry flavored Milkshake. I went into my room and decided to play video games for an hour. I got up to use the bathroom and I accidentally knocked over my milkshake. There was pink every where on my desk. I spent the next 10 minutes revolving around cleaning up the mess. After that I started to play video games again. I forgot about it the next day.