100 word challenge Oliver

It’s not like last year, he thought. Covid regulations are just getting stricter. It is harder to go out to eat or just go to stores. I wish it would stop. School is harder in a new grade, but is more fun too. I hope the new Covid rules for school go away in a very little time. It’s just not the same at lunch eating in the classroom and not being able to talk without a mask on. I wish it would change, and I hope Covid regulations stop and get better. Maybe next year, or hopefully next month. Hopefully.


Tom was an outdoorsman. He loved hiking and the views that he saw at the end of them. One day, Tom went to a hiking spot he hadn’t visited in about 10 months, but something was different. “It’s not like last year,” he thought. He looked around the hiking trail, but he couldn’t find anything familiar. He walked for an hour until he started to hike back to his car. It wasn’t there. Tom looked all over for it, and then an army of snakes charged at him, venomous ones. Then, he woke up. It was all just a bad dream.

Simons 100 word challenge

It’s not like last year we moved from Chicago to Indiana i am in a new house it’s different. I switched schools. I have made new friends and met new people. I also had to switch grades from 4 to 5 it has been a lot harder than last year in 4th grade. I am learning new things. But i dont miss last year i have met so many new people and this year has got off to a very good start. I also have switched sports teams from a Chicago league to a Indiana league for baseball. So change is ok.

100 wc Julian

It was time for Brian to go back to school and he really did not like that. He got ready in the morning and his mom did to. They both got in the car and drove to school. When they got to his school his mom kissed his cheek and said have a good first day back. He got to his locker put his stuff away and went to his classroom and to his surprise almost half his friends from last year where in the same class. But he looked at the agenda. “It’s not like last year,” he thought.

100wc Aiden

“It’s not like last year”, he thought. Aw man I missed old Fortnite it’s not like last year. I used to love the old pump shotgun that used to do 100 damage per shot. I missed having the hover board in the game, and the quad-crasher not being good as it used to be.

The game has changed but not in a very good way. I missed all friendly people, and now people will kill you right away with no hesitation. I wished I can go back in time to have fun.     “What’s wrong,” my mom said. It’s not cool anymore.