100 wc Oliver

Upon his father’s dying wishes, Franklin was given a small locked box. He did not know what to do with the box, for it was locked. He searched and searched for a key around the village, but he could not find one. He grew very distressed and could not sleep, and would not eat. To clear his head he went hiking to his favorite spot on the mountain. He got the idea to search there, and started looking around. He found on odd spot on a rock and hit it. It opened and a key was inside. It fit perfectly.

100wc Aiden

One day I was walking down the sidewalk taking to my friends when we saw this very suspicious key. We all wondered what it could be. Someone came up with an actually good ideas and one person came up with a stupid theory. His theory was that it was the key to the secret formula in SpongeBob. I laughed and the rest did to. One actually good idea was that it was a key to somewhere special and could lead to something far beyond our imagination. I felt that was probably true, but nobody knows what it could possibly lead to.

Julian 100 wc

I was walking home and I got in the elevator going up to my floor. I stepped out of the elevator and I walked down the long hall way to my door.  When I got their I reached in my pocket to grab my key but It wasn’t their. I opened my pocket to see if I could see it but it was still gone. Then I realized my key must have fell out when i was walking in the park and grab my phone out of my pocket. I rushed out of the apartment to the park. “Where was it”

Simons 100 word challenge

My mom said i cant find my keys for the car . I said i will help you look for them. I really said that so she didn’t take me to school i hid them because i had a test that day the i did not study for. So me and my mom were looking in the morning. I had the keys under my moms bed because I thought she couldn’t find them. But then she found them and then took me to school so now i have learned always be prepared for a test. So never hide your parents keys.

100wc Katrina

The grass was frosted over. It was cold to the touch. Dew forming on the grass. It was a chilly morning there was shriveled and dried up leaves scattered around the ground. It was a very cloudy morning hasn’t been a clear sunny day in weeks. Though among the grass copper shines in the dull light in they sky. It’s a key with an elegant design on the handle. I could never guess what it goes to if anything at all. Even still a key is laying in a small grass patch on the side of this trail. How odd.