100 Word Challenge – Cali Castellarin

My one wish is for everyone to get along. I wish that everyone would get along, and race wouldn’t matter. That people would stop shooting and killing each other because they were “scared”, or they thought they were going to be attacked just because they had a different color skin, or looked different. I wish we could all just except each other instead of tearing each other down bit by bit. Instead of insulting each other, and bullying, why can’t we complament each other, and make them feel good about themselves. My one wish is that everyone just gets along.

One wish: by Nathaniel

I have an outside the box answer. It is extremely simple, for me requiring zero thoughts and it was never a difficult question. I would simply ask for infinite wishes. That way, I wouldn’t have to chose only one thing. That kind of negates the question, but that is really what I would ask for. And then I would wish for things like ending covid, money,  or maybe even tickets to basketball games. And then after getting the need things, I would get all the want things which especially includes things I would never, ever, ever get in real life.

100 word challenge-Khloey

When I was younger I only thought about one wish, I wanted to fly, turn invisible, or even be able to talk to animals. My wish I want right now is to become a YouTuber and an actress.They both take a lot of preparation, but once you learn everything, it is really fun! Being an actress you get to be social while doing work. Being a YouTuber, all of your friends can join you. For both of them, it will grow friendships and you can have fun from time to time. Just make sure you don’t annoy anyone too much!

One wish. Aiden

If there was one thing I would wish for it would probably be to end COVID. Honestly COVID has ruined everything and everybody. When COVID first hit doctors told people to wear masks all day long. Sports were canceled, literally everything was canceled to the point it made people so mad. COVID happened since 2020, and has killed more people than we ever imagined. Getting rid of COVID is just almost like starting a new life. People could go to their jobs more safely, kids can play sports or tournaments as well. Getting rid of COVID would be a great thing!