Trevor My One Wish

If I had one wish in the entire world it would be to get paid like Elon Musk doing what I love- soccer and video games . Now this wish sounds like any other wish any kid would make but its much more deep than you think . If I were being paid like Elon musk a multi billionaire I would pay to help science , world hunger , cancer study’s and cures , Covid-19 vaccines , space force and much more and Elon Musk was asked by some one to donate 6 billion dollars to basically cure world hunger . So imagine if you had that money.

Oliver MOW

If I had one wish I would probably wish for world peace. I wish the world could be peaceful with no wars. If the world were peaceful we would not have to worry about attacks. Hopefully one day the world really can be peaceful. I really hope so. Maybe one day. Until then I can only hope and wait. It might happen one day, but even that might be impossible. I really hope the world can be peaceful. Wars would not happen countries, can deal with problems together, and no country would have to worry about being weak. I hope.

100wc – Samuel

If I could have one wish, I would wish for god like powers. If I had god powers, I could get almost anything I would ever want. I think that would be useful, but I could do so much good for the world, too. I would have the ability to interfere with serious issues like world hunger, global warming, and much more. I could do much good with that power. But one lesson I’ve learned from all of the TV shows is to not abuse your power, so I would try to avoid doing that. That’s what I’d wish for.

Simons 100 word challenge

My wish is i want mrbeast the YouTuber to uploaded more videos. I like him because he is rich and I want to be rich like him except i want to use all of money very irresponsible. I want to uploaded more because i love the videos he makes and when he gives away money it makes me happy. It is also a true cure of my boredom. My favorite person on mrbeast is Chandler because he is very tall and never wins money. So that is why my wish is that mrbeast uploads more YouTube videos thanks you for reading

One wish Katrina

One wish could be used in so many ways to do good. Knowing our world is already screwed up some might fix it. Headlines on big newspapers would be all over it imagine “world poverty suddenly ends!”. What about pets their like family to most. The loss of a pet is like the loss of a family member. A big part of your life sucked away from you in the snap of a finger. I would kill to see my dog again. My best friend for 7 years. Died from cancer at 12. I would wish to see my best friend again.