I would’ve said “climate change has been affecting us for too long and we need to find another path for our way of living. A world where carbon emissions are rare, all cars are electric, and we use solar energy. A world where gas cars are as rare as electric cars are today. Many organizations have tried to stop it, but nothing is working. Even projects like #Teamseas or #teamtrees have helped, but not enough. It’s the people who are in control of these corporations that need to decide whether or not to stop their negative impact on the planet

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What do you use on a day to day basis. Chances are it is harmful to the environment. You should check before buying something that it is Energy Star Standard. People may say electric cars help the environment, but what happens to the batteries when the car is decommissioned? Try to turn off all lights in rooms you are not in. I hope this helps you get an understanding of how we can help our planet. Try to take these suggestions and you can really help the planet. I hope I get to talk to you  again. For now, Bye!!!

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Climate change is terrible in all ways. It can not only affect animals it can also affect life all around the world. Doing small thing to help climate change can affect saving the world as well. For example doing better choices on farming, and not putting trash in the ocean.
Climate change has affected more places around the world than you think. You need to stop climate change. We need to stop climate change. What is it going to help us in what way you might ask. It can help us in ways that we didn’t even imagine it could.

What would you say? By Nathaniel

I would have said stuff similar to what they said; they said stuff like farming and using solar power. Some of the stuff they said I have learn in school and how to do those things. It’s obvious that they were talk about being eco-friendly and saving resources. Another way to save resources is when you’re waiting for the water in the shower to get hot, saving the cold water is being eco-friendly. Or maybe setting the temperatures on the washer when washing clothes a little lower. Those are 2 of the things I would have said if I was filmed.

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This video was deep showing all the affects of climate change . It’s a pain to see only 108 businesses have accepted to do their work climate friendly . Not just you need to help fix climate change its all of us for the sake of humanity we need to take good car of our earth its our home our world and if we treat it like trash we will all go to waste places like the architect are suffer from the ice capsules melting and like California are suffering from wild fires if this keeps going on we wont breathe clean air.