If all the ice melted what would happen Trevor

What would happen if all of the ice in Antarctica and Greenland were to melt. Approximately the sea level would raise by 70 meters 250 feet. And there is so much carbon dioxide in the air that it would release a toxic gas causing people to cough every time you would breathe . Also any costal cities everywhere in the world would be submerged with water but other places towards the middle of the country wouldn’t be harmed yes the carbon dioxide but that could be fixed . But if this were to happened to the earth what would you do?

Khloey-100 Word Challange

One thing that I fear is the ice caps or glaciers melting.I think that if the ice caps or glaciers melt, some of the water will cover some of our land.There’s also some animals like Polar Bears and Penguins that live on ice caps and glaciers, so if they melt were are the animals going to live?The animals might even drown because they might grow tired.Glaciers and ice caps are homes to some animals so if they melt the animals will die.The animals are just trying to survive. “What do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted?”

Oliver 100 wc

Fred was a polar bear. He and his friend George were out swimming. They stopped on an ice cap to rest. He asked George, what do you think will happen if the ice caps melt? George said, “Well we’d be dead, probably.”. “Why,” Fred asked. George said, “Well we’d not be able to rest to get our food in the middle of the ocean so we’d starve.”. “WAIT WHAT,” shrieked Fred! “That would be awful,” said Fred quietly. “Yeah,” said George. “I hope that never happens,” said Fred. “Well it’s already started,” said George. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,” screamed Fred. Duh Duh Duh…

The awesomely bad snowball fight by Nathaniel

I woke up early. It was a weekend and i would usually sleep in, but today was different. I heard screams from kids sledding and building forts on the ice caps. Nothing looked more fun. I went outside. By the time I got out, there was this fight between my classmates and a couple of teenagers. They said we needed to get out of the ice/snow and go home. But we had forts and pre-made snowballs so we could get them.

”This is going so great! Just imagine if all of the ice caps melted.“

You wouldn’t believe what happened next.


Think Katrina

What’s an honest answer to a question? Is it the truth or what you think. I guess it depends what your asking I assume. Controversial questions are the most fun. I believe think is a strong and powerful word. It opens the gate from fact to opinion. Opening up to a strong and powerful conversation. Example what will happen when the ice caps melt completely? Do you know this. Probably not, but adding think to the question adds meaning. Again what do you think will happen when the ice caps melt completely? Now you can answer it. See point proved.