Oliver 100 wc

I work in one of the biggest industries in the United States. It is the food company. It is a good job I like it. There is always something going on. One day someone ran through the building yelling “Fire evacuate now!”. The sirens flashed red. I could feel the heat on my neck. I knew it was urgent. Everyone was running around and screaming. I could tell they were afraid. I stood on my desk and yelled “Get out!”. Everyone ran to the door. It was chaos. We all got out though. This was certainly a very eventful day.

100 w/c Nathaniel

My parents were watching an urgent broadcast on the news. It was the employees of the company who makes red oranges. They said we need to evacuate the city. Their industry designed an orange that was green and it grew eyes and it took over the city. It was explaining how the toxins in the food coloring didn’t mix right and how the soil it was growing in was shocked by lightning and blah blah blah blah blah blah. I asked mom and dad to turn it off because it was boring, but they turned into a ripe green orange.

100 w/c Katrina

I had just evacuated from my small town that had just set on fire. I found some young kids around 5 they were afraid. I grabbed them and ran down the path to the road. I kept running down the road with the kids. I looked back and saw the red and orange blaze that towered above the village. Even when we were away from the smokey and ashy air in the village the air by all the industries was worse. There were tons of factories in the area which didn’t help. I urgently ran from the smoke. “We can’t breathe.”


Me and my friends went to a haunted industry factory for Halloween it was a color factory we saw blue, yellow, red etcetera . Me and my friends were afraid but my friend Michael had a allergic reaction to the fog in the air it was to make the scenery more scary to suit the occasion we had to evacuate immediately or he would pass out because his throat was all swollen. We had to make an urgent call to the emergency room because he forgot his epinephrine pin so we put him in the ambulance and drove to the hospital .

100 word challenge Julian

Me and my friend were working at our building industry. It was a normal day every body was at work as usual. But then there was a urgent message over the load speaker saying there was a flood coming from all the rain and one of our big rivers was over flowing. We knew we had to evacuate to higher ground and there was a mountain that we could climb to be safe. Then a loud red siren started blaring and flashing every body ran out of the building. Me and my friend were afraid that we wouldn’t make it.