100 word challenge -Khloey

Some big factories can pollute the air.In 1880 global tempetures started increasing steadily, until 1940.In 1940 things started getting seriously bad.I don’t like how some people just don’t care about the environment and will just not try to help.Though I know it’s the only way to make certain things.I wish they would make factories more eco friendly.I also wish there was not as much smog in the air.I am hoping that by 2050 they will find a way to reduce how much smog and pollution would be in the air.Honestly it wont be that easy, but we’ll find a way to fix it!

Oliver 100 wc

This picture makes me feel very sad. I hate how humans are polluting the Earth. I wish this factory weren’t producing so much smog. I hope they make this factory more Earth efficient. I wonder what the factory is producing? Probably a plastic or metal. I wonder where I factory is? It could be in Chicago. I hope whatever company that owns it updates their policy to make it more Eco-Friendly. Maybe someday, hopefully. If only I can help. Maybe someday they will see this and change the factory. Otherwise, Global Warming is just going to get worse. That’s bad.

Pollution & Evolution: by Nathaniel

This picture makes me think of how are lives have been  bombarded with technology. We have all these manufacturing companies making things to make our live more entertaining/easier. It also makes me think of how we are ruining the earth. Socially and literally. Socially with technology and companies and machines polluting the air like this picture. It even makes me think of horrific & horrible events like wild fires and things like that. And i think about how me and my parents and teachers tell me about what is happening in the world. This picture reminds me of pollution and evolution.


I don’t like what that factory is doing. The factory is releasing many chemicals into the air which are bad for the environment. It could make the atmosphere less protective, and it could kill animals or deform them that live near the factory. It could contaminate plants and make them unhealthy. The people who work there could get sick from all of the carbon dioxide and other chemicals that are being released, and the effects would be worse, because they are right next to it. I don’t know what your opinion is on that picture, but that is my opinion.

Our Earth – Cali

When I look at that, I just feel sad. All the smoke and chemicals coming from that plant are so horrible for Earth. It makes me feel so sad to know that people don’t care about what they are doing to the Earth. People are destroying it and taking it for granted. Our world needs to change. People need to start thinking about what they are doing before they just go and do something like that. They need to start caring. If they don’t soon we aren’t going to have a Earth to live on. Hopefully those people can change.