In my world, we lived as if we were toys. When a giant, or to you guys a regular human, used us to do their chores. My giant was a girl so she was hard to deal with. When she was gone I saw something on her desk. It was some pink furry glasses with somebody working on it. “So I wasn’t the only one here.” I said to myself. I climbed up to him and asked him how long were you here? He said years working on this important project. He also said it was the last pink fuzzy glasses.

100 word challenge Oliver

Far in the distance from my village there is a giant window. It is massive and has pink frills on its sides. Next to it there is a second window. I dream of looking through the window, but I would never be able to make the hike up the mountain. I guess I could try. OK I’m going to do it. This hike is actually fun! It’s really enjoyable. I’ve finally got up the mountain. I’m going to look through the window. In the window I see everything dark. It is really cool to see everything in the pitch dark.

The Man who shrunk and fell in his pocket- Nathaniel

Once there was a man on the fourth of July who went to his friends’ house for a barbecue. He decided on a wardrobe of which had glasses in it. He kept his glasses in his pocket for it was not that sunny out yet. Later he sat at a table with barbecue feast. He started to eat the wings, and he felt weird. And plop!He fell asleep. When he woke up he was in this pink dimension with little air and he sees his fluffy glasses. He figured out where he was, the same place his glasses were.

100 word challenge- Khloey

    My best friend just came back from Houston Texas.I went to her house and when I got there she was wearing sunglasses but they were unusual.They were black with a reddish pink lense and pink fur around it.She said “Let’s go to my room I got another surprise!”.So we both headed to her room and I saw it it was a little sunglass holder it she put her sunglasses on it and it was really funny because there was a man cleaning the sunglasses on the sunglasses holder.She said she bought some for me too! I said “best surprise Ever!”

100 Word Challenge – Cali

Today I woke up, got dressed and went outside to go to my job interview as a painter. But I wasn’t going to be like a house painter, I was going to be painting murals. So, I got in my car, drove there and went inside. But when I got inside I saw someone painting a giant mural! The picture was of glasses or goggles with feathers on it hanging off. The man painting it was on a big ladder. After I got over that amazing picture I went inside to do the interview, and I think I did amazing!