Oliver Dry River bed

I live in an area that is currently in a drought. I was told to go fetch water. Then, I saw the river. I have never seen the river bed so dry! There was no water whatsoever. I raced home as fast as I could to tell my parents. When I got home I told them, and they said we were going to have to find a new river. The next day, I went searching for a new river. Suddenly after hours of walking I finally found a new river! My family now had water. It was so very great.

The very thirsty caterpillar Nathaniel

Have you ever heard the story of the very hungry caterpillar? This is part 2.

After the very hungry caterpillar ate all that food, he still had the urge to eat something. Wait. Not eat, but drink! He came upon a river. To the caterpillar it was an infinite water source. But he soon learned that the river wasn’t so infinite. He sucked the whole river dry. The next day I went to the river to go fishing. But I realized that the river was dry. There was no water. None. And then I herd a loud, loud, loud, LOUD burp.

River Bed Julian

I have never seen the river bed so dry. We had a huge drought and we live in a desert so that was like are only source of water near. We had a plan to venture out and find a new source of water. In the morning we packed food and little water we had stored to go find new water. We were about 20 miles from home and no sight of water yet. About 30 more miles and we finally found water, but we didn’t now how to get it from here to our house. We new we could use irrigation.

Drought of a life time Katrina

I woke up one day and went outside. I had to get water from the river so i could water the plants. I walked up to the river and woah! I have never seen the river bed so dry! This must be one bad drought. It was completely dry. There was no water to be seen. No water whatsoever. I knew we were headed into a drought-a bad one. We have gotten them before. Never like this though. How are we supposed to water are crops and get water for the cattle if there wasn’t any. It was impossible!

Picture of bones-Khloey

The picture of the bones is considered art.Sadly I don’t know what artist made it.It is really cool because it also kinda looks like a bunch of logs and branches.I think the location of it is in a art museum but I’m not sure.I think it is made of clay or wood  but I’m not positive.The color is cool cause it is like a really light brown or a weird looking white.One of the pieces look like a teapot while others look like normal logs and branches or bones.The last thing that I noticed in the picture was the shape.