100 word challenge-Khloey

One day I was going to the small river by my house with my dog Penny because she loves to play in the water.I haven’t  been to the small river in two years because I’m always really busy.This was my first time being here in two years! I was extremely excited, Penny ran ahead and I sat on a nearby log and Penny started barking so I walked over.And there was no water! I whispered I’ve never seen the river bed so dry.Then i realized it’s a ditch with no grass.After  looking a bit I saw the real small river.

100 Word Challenge – Cali

One day I was walking in the forest on the trail I normally go on and the river was empty! I was so confused! It’s like all the water evaporated. I have never seen the river bed so dry! I mean it has been hot lately so it’s possible it evaporated, but still that is a ton of water! I walked back to my house because I was going to be late to school if I didn’t, but the next day when I went for my walk it was wet and full with water ,so I felt better after that.

Simons second 100 word challenge

I have never seen the river bed so dry. You may wonder what is a riverbed it is the bottom of a river not a bed in a river. It got dry because it did not rain for 1 year so there was not much water left. Not many People lived near the river. The people there got there water from the store nearby. A long time ago lots of people would swim in the river. I wanted to swim in the river but I could not because there was no water.That’s the story on how the river bed is dry.

100wc – Samuel

“I have never seen the river bed so dry,” were the words my father said under his breath. “Yeah, I know,” I replied back to him. I knew this drought would be bad, like the others in Iowa’s summers, but never in my life have I seen one so bad. “Farming will be a big challenge this year. Mainly because the demand for corn is so high this year,” my father said. “What’s the big prob-“ My big brother said, but was cut off my the shock of seeing the river. “It’s gonna be a bad year,” my father said.

100 word challenge- Aiden

When me and my family were taking a tour in the desert I looked to myself and said, “I have never seen the river bed so dry.” I told my dad about the river, and he was surprised as well. I didn’t want to ask the tourist yet so I sweated until we got to the river. Once we got to the river I asked the tourist and he said, ”Well since we are in a desert this doesn’t get much rain.” He also told me that people who lived here are trying to find a way to get water to.