Picture of bones-Khloey

The picture of the bones is considered art.Sadly I don’t know what artist made it.It is really cool because it also kinda looks like a bunch of logs and branches.I think the location of it is in a art museum but I’m not sure.I think it is made of clay or wood  but I’m not positive.The color is cool cause it is like a really light brown or a weird looking white.One of the pieces look like a teapot while others look like normal logs and branches or bones.The last thing that I noticed in the picture was the shape.

100 Word Challenge – Cali

One day I woke up and got out of bed, as a normal morning would go. After, I got breakfast and went outside to go to school. But, when I got outside I saw this creepy looking ball of bones! I was super scared so, I ran back inside and tried to remind myself that I was just imagining it. So, I went back outside, after I was calm and knew I was imagining it, but it was STILL there! That day I missed school, because I was to scared to go outside, and I would probably never go back.

Bones/ Julian

This crazy art piece has rough sides and it looks kind of like big mushrooms. I also think it looks like modern art ,and  it looks like there are antlers mixed in with the bones. It could be fake bones, its also a sphere shape. It’s from a modern art museum and its in that shape because the maya used it as a traditional feast and added bones every time they had one. Or when the had a sacrifice to honor  some of there hundreds of gods. It got there when a team of archeologists found it in Mayan ruins.

100w/c -Katrina

A bone ball. No a piece of modern art that looks like a bone ball. Yes. A bone ball shaped piece of art in a modern art museum. It’s just clay to be honest. Fools most people though. Unless you know what your looking for. I just work here. It’s a new piece only 3 months old. Might not seem like it but that’s the truth. A great accomplishment. But this museum lies. They say a lion ate a thousand animals and the bones of them made a ball.  So if you hear that story its a lie. I’m just saying.

The Clay Ball – Samuel

One day, a clay artist was sculpting a big ball out of white clay. Once he finished, he was about to transport it to the painter. He was transporting it downhill, when he lost his grip on the ball. It tumbled down the hill. The artist ran down the hill after it, but wasn’t nearly as fast. Once it was done tumbling down the hill, it was in that shape. He thought, “I can’t give this to the painter! And the king will be mad!” So he went back home with the ball. Now, this ball is in a museum.