100 word challenge By Nathaniel

Has your friend called you a bonehead? Or a pile of bones? Well who new that according to some people that’s not and insult.

This BALL of bones is a 1.89 billion dollar piece of art made of dinosaurs Why is it in a ball, you ask? Well because a T-Rex and a Raptor crashed into each other the moment all the dinosaurs died and the made a ball of bones in the year negative 800 Billion b.c. Arecyologists found the ball, glued the pieces, slapped a price tag on it and put it in a museum.

The dinosaur ball: by Nathaniel

100 word challenge/Oliver Copy

Fred was a woolly mammoth. During the last ice age he was thriving in the icy plains. Humans had hunted most of the mammoths. Fred sometimes felt sad because he had no friends. He likes wandering around the plains when he has nothing else to do. He lived sort of near a human village. Suddenly a group of humans started running towards him. He ran and ran and ran for what seemed like hours. The humans were relentless. Feeling defeated he curled into a ball. The humans caught him and ate him. Years later he ended up in a museum.

100 word challenge-Simon

It was a  sunny day at the forest and I found a lot of dead animal’s of dead animals bones. I was trying to figure out where they came from. There were bones from all animals. The biggest one of all was a bone from a loin. Then i wanted to put them all together but it would be a challenge so i got to work with putting them together. I was making a ball. So I made the ball with the bones and i rolled it down a hill. Then I wanted to put the ball in a museum.