The party gone wrong-Ruth

It was a dark and stormy day.  Everybody was inside.  I was super bored, so I invited my friend, Jerry, over.  But I wanted even more people over, so I invited my entire class and anyone else I knew.  It was awesome until we started telling scary stories. Jerry was telling the scariest story ever when the power went out. Suddenly, darkness enveloped the room and weird creepy sounds were coming from outside. We all screamed.  “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” We split up running for our lives trying to find some place to hide.  I bumped right into Jerry.  Suddenly, the door opened!


Once, me and my friend were chilling in the bed in my room. We were watching tv with chips and kool-aid in our hands. When suddenly, darkness enveloped the room. We realized that it was a power outage. My aunt was dining something to build up heat because my heater broke in my room. I love the warmth and coldness, I have no idea why,         probably because I was born in the summer and its vey hot in the summer. I loved bring with my friend but she had to go it was a very fun sleepover that we had.

The Scary Day…-Leona W/C

“Ashlynn,” I said, “want to play the Ouija Board in your basement?” “Sure,” she said. We went down to her basement. Then, I pulled it out slowly… We started to play. We asked if there was a demon in her house…suddenly, darkness enveloped the room… “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” we screamed. The worst thing is that we were home alone… We were so scared. We went to her neighbor’s house, and she knew we could trust him. We knocked on his door. He opened the door. “Uhm,” I said, “he’s an employee at my dad’s gym.” “Yo’. W-what’s up Leona?” Isaiah said weirdly.

The sudden embarrassment – charley creech

One day, a boy named Connor was playing catch off his wall. Then …suddenly, darkness enveloped the room… Connor said “who’s there,” then a weird voice said “ I am little boy now run.” So Connor started to run for his life then he tripped. The man was right in front of him and then “ ha ha ha ha got you little bro,” his brother said. Then Connor told his parents because he was really embarrassed so he started crying his parents felt bad. Connor told his parents that his brother hurt him, however, Connor was lying. His brother got mad.

100 W/C-Cameron Martin

One day I was on a bus at 10:30 P.M. and my lights went off flickering and suddenly, darkness enveloped the room. So when that happend I was on my way to Space Camp and on the bus than the bus stopped on the side of the rode. So the driver doesn’t buss company and they got uss a new bus but it wouldn’t come till 1:00 am so we are going to be late to the arival at Space Camp.(Cross our fingers that that doesn’t happen) So after that on the way back to school the samething happend agen and agen.