Mushroom War 100WC Jayla

There lived a mushroom kingdom, far, far away. The land inhabited red and brown mushrooms that happily roamed the area. One day, while the red mushrooms were playing Hide n’ Seek, the brown mushrooms asked if they could play too. The red ones said no. The brown ones, with a wistful look in their eyes, started attacking the red ones. The red mushrooms evacuated the kingdom using a big boat with an oar. It has been 1,250 years, and the brown mushrooms still rule the land. All treaties the red ones sent were wrinkled by the brown ones, never mentioned again.

The Sea. By Kala

One day my dad and I thought about really wanted to go on a camping trip. But when we got there we decided we wanted to go on a little boat. While we were getting our stuff ready my dad and I agreed on a rule. No matter how cool the mushrooms are we cannot eat them. It was code, when we got on the boat we both grabbed an oar. When I looked over at my dad he had a wistful look on his face. So I grabbed his wrinkled shirt and said “ you are amazing forget about mom,”

The Journey For The Golden Mushroom 100w/c By AidanL

The three wistful wizards with their wrinkled faces and magical staffs were on a journey for the golden mushroom. They had to go through many obstacles. First they have to go through the River of molasses and then they have to defeat the Dragon of Steel and the dragon guards the mushroom. They need the mushroom to heal the king so he can rule the kingdom. They use a lava and water oar to go through the molasses. When they arrived at the dragon’s home they pored boiling water on him. They got the mushroom and the king was saved.

Old Mushrooms on a Journey/Alina

Once, upon a time there were some mushrooms getting ready for their journey. But they weren’t any ordinary mushrooms they were old wrinkled mushrooms. While the mushrooms were packing up their family’s were wistful. They were on their way with their huge stick oars. When they got there they voted to see who would make a good ruler. “Terry Fungi will rule,” said the announcer. Ended up Terry was the worst ruler in the world! He was a selfish person! The other mushrooms made a plan to make their own army and fight him out of their new land forever.

Rowing practice-Ruth

We were eating a cheese and mushroom sandwich.  What we always ate after we were done with rowing practice.  I was very wistful and my friend asked me why I was in such deep thought.  “I don’t know,” I said while I wrinkled my brows.  But I did know.  I had dropped my oar in the water.  I couldn’t believe it.  It was one of my worst rowing days, ever!  The coach yelled at me. “What’s the first rule of rowing?! Don’t drop your oar!!” Duh. It’s not like I didn’t know that. Not like I did it on purpose.