Top Secret Mission! – Leona 100WC

“C’mon Nailea! We’re almost at the house,” I whispered as we walked through the senior citizen neighborhood. “Okay! You don’t have to rush me,” Nailea said, “jeez!” We made it to house 29. “This is it Nai!” I said. We knocked on the door. An old lady opened the door and said, “Hey kids! Come in! Have some cookies!” Her husband was standing next to her. “Uh… No thank you,” we said. I made eye movements to Nailea that this, for sure, was the correct house. “Nai, call them,” I told Nailea. She called the cops on the super old kidnappers!

Ashlynn. 100 w/c

What goes on at house 29 was a mystery to everyone in town, until Pat and Jen decided to explore.

“Well, this is the place,” said Pat.

”It looks creepy,” said Jen walking to the side of the house.

“How creepy, the gate starts here but then suddenly just end-AHH”


“Yeah I’m fine, I fell in this hole.”

”It looks like someone disguised it with some leaves and fake grass.”

“Don’t just stand there! Get me out! There’re spiders!”

“Hold your horses, Jen!”

Pat grabbed a rope and pulled Jen out.

“I’m never ever coming back!”

Unlucky 29th Street Jayla 100WC

It was an average day. I was just walking on the sidewalk, looking around for the ice cream  cart. I then came across a fence that had the number 29 on it. “29th Street?” I questioned.  The street looked very barren, but that didn’t stop me from exploring it. Once I stepped one foot on the sidewalk of 29th Street, a black cat walked past me. The cat soon disappeared, and it suddenly started pouring. I ran back towards my house, but when I did, I tripped and fell on the ground. This day was a very unlucky and abnormal day.

100 W/C-Cameron

One day I was driving by an old town. And I saw a supper small fence on one of the corners of the block. I thought it was fact or decoration but when I got closer to it, it was real and it must have been the cheapest fence in the world or the smallest in the world. So when I saw the text on the back it said,” This fence was made in 1809. It was a memory of the first president of the United States.” So that was cool and I didn’t know that they made medical fence there.

100 wc senee

Hi, I am Miles Cyndex, and I live on 29th street. Everyday I wonder, “Where is the rest of the gate or fence, and why is it rusted?” Sometimes, I ask my family but they don’t know either.I even asked my neighbors but they didn’t know either. I tried asking the people that made this place but I forgot to ask them cause they live all the way in Los Angeles and i live in Australia. I emailed the people who built this place but they didn’t answer. Once I asked the people who made the company, I got it!