100 W/C Challenge Mark

It was September 9 2001, when a plane was coming at the Twin Towers in New York City. There is a house right in front of the Towers. The plane crashed into one of the the towers. And leaned to the other tower. The dust that in the building surged to the house and broke almost the whole fence. firefighters went into the house to see if anyone was inside and there was a old woman that was saved. After the destruction of the Towers and the house. They made a pool that was a memorial of the destruction of the towers.

The haunted number. By Kala

One day I was with my friends, and we were being annoying like we are, running around and talking and sometimes hitting each other for no reason. But this time we were walking on the road next to a very strange apartment complex. It was so strange it had one part of a fence and it had the number 29 on it, “THE FORBIDDEN NUMBER!!!!” I shouted. My friends looked at me and laughed. But I was terrified, last time I have seen that number my entire family was gone for 7 days, one whole week. Including the dog and the cat.

100 w/c – charley

Number 29 that’s where bad things happen that’s where crooks and thieves steal your money and phone. This gate is protecting a special fairy garden that has a special border to keep people away. If someone got through oh boy someone would go to jail for one trillion years. The rest of the fence got blown away by a tornado and now the gate is way weaker than it really was. Then the missing part of the gate tried to reattach to the other part but it wouldn’t let the gate reattach so the other part was sad forever and ever.

Secret at house 29/Alina

In our town everyone knows each other. For the most part, everyone is friendly. Except at house 29. People always try to investigate but always go missing. We were a town of hundred, but now eighty. I always hear reports of strange things going on there. For example, a horrid screeching sound, or scratches on the door that sound Iike nails on a chalkboard. I wonder why everyone is so scared?  It’s not strange at all. Maybe it’s your normal seven year old and her cat. Then I realize why I’m not afraid. Maybe because I’m the ghost at house 29.

House 29 By AidanL 100w/c

Jeff, was a boy from San Francisco, California moving to Russia.He wanted to move to Texas, but his parents said no. When Jeff got to his house, he told his parents that their neighbors house was haunted. The fence was half gone and it had the number 29 on it.He quickly ran into his house and saw it was luxurious. The door bell rang. It was his other neighbor. They talked and became friends. The next day, they went into house 29 and saw it was beautiful and the people that lived there were really nice.nHe was happy he moved to Russia.