The crazzzzzzzy day -Cameron

One day I went to a zoo and I want to go see the purple elephants. When I saw them they weren’t purple at all!!! They are grey, not purple like they advertise on tv. So I and my brother want to go see the fish that were happily painted pictures. But when we went there the water was red, blue, etc. So we had to file a complaint about the zoo. So once that was done we went to the orchestra. My favorite instrument is the violin 🎻. (not my favorite instrument ) So the day went by so fast.

Music Elephant By Kala

One day I went on a run at the park, and it so happens that something interesting was happening at the park that day. The happy parade came to the park today. they had their faces painted purple. Anyways there was the main attraction the music elephant. He was  an elephant that plays all kinds of instruments, like the violin,  and the triangle. This one time I saw him he was different, he had bigger ears and his paws were smaller. The worst part was he didn’t dance anymore. I had to go up on stage and dance for him.

Cheeky Twins/ Alina

I own a zoo and one of my employees have twins. They’re a girl and a boy, but when you see them they look so innocent and happy. But they’re far from that! The employee always bring them to work! Which is fine until the day we got the baby animals. They painted the baby elephant purple! They cut the strings from one of our entertainment peoples violins! They have done loads more! They once silly stringed the monkeys and some kids. We definitely got sued for that. They’re just kids and have great pranks. I did the same to.

The Creative Artist- Leona 100WC

“An artist in history loved to be creative. Her name was Lisette de Wyer. She was always so happy! Once, she painted a purple elephant! When she wasn’t drawing, she was playing the violin. She got inspired to play violin by an orchestra she went to when she was three. She got inspired to paint when she was ten. She always went to art museums. She loved the paintings, so she thought to paint. She was really good at it, so that’s how she started her career. I hope you liked my presentation,” I said. Everyone in my class clapped.

Special Animal Talents Jayla 100WC

Hello, my name is Mono, and I am a monkey. I have very special traits, but I would say that my friends’ traits are even better. For example, Ellie the elephant is very talented at using the violin. One day, I saw her play the violin, and it was amazing!! I was so happy for her! Another one of my friends is named Indie the iguana. He really likes to paint. Yesterday, he painted a beautiful bouquet of purple flowers! I always wished I had a unique talent like my friends, but the talent I have now is perfectly fine.