Charley C – 100 w/c

One day a girl named Jessica was riding her bike through the woods, and then she accidentally rode over a rock. Then she got back up to get on her bike but then it wasn’t there  (” … but where did it go?” she shouted…). She then quickly got up and ran away, but as she was running she saw … demons! Jessica then screamed as the demons came after her then her parents got her. She was safe from the demons because the demons can’t go out of the forest. So she was so scared she will never go in the forest.

Ashlynn 100 W/C

“Hi Toby! Happy birthday!”

“Aww thanks Niki! I’m really glad you and Wilbur could come!”

“Is that your pool? It looks nice!”

“Yeah, Tommy got here early so he helped me set up!”

Toby, Wilbur, and Niki headed over to the snack table.


“Thanks! I made it myself!”

“Dang it! I forgot your present on my bike! Wilbur, can you go get it please?”

“Yeah sure…”




“Its fine Niki! You can give it to me later.”

“Are you sure?”


The run away ball-Ruth

“But where did it go!” she shouted.

Earlier that day Charlie was playing with her ball in the park. Then this bully came up to her, snatched the ball from her hand, and threw it far, far away.

“MOM!” Charlie screamed.

”Yes,” said Mom.

“This bully threw my ball far, far away,” said Charlie.

“Then lets go look for it,” said Mom.

It seemed like they’d been looking for it forever. They were going up and down streets to see if they could find it, but no luck. Then on their way home they saw a truck run over it!


My Bike Part II- Leona

After that long day, I took a nap. The next day, we all went back to the same exact tree my bike got zip tied to. It wasn’t there, and Alina was the most scared… “but where did it go,’’ she shouted… The trees were rustling, especially the one my bike got zip-tied to. Everyone got the chills, so we rushed home to get our jackets. We came back, and the bike was there, but it was red… the color of famous people’s bike. “Huh?” Alina was very confused. The guy that pushed us off of our bikes made us famous!

The Job That Wrong-Cameron

One day I was in my car and going to work. My job is simple. I am an editor for Linus Media Group. They are in Canada. (This is not my real job) One day I had a time crunch and I need more storage on my computer. I asked for a new hard drive and they said I had to put it in myself. I thought I could do it but it seemed that I just could use the server 30 Pedibites. When I was working overtime I heard “But where did it go?” She shouted.

To be Continued