It’s gone By Kala

One day I was going on a trip to the museum. But this day I felt extra kinda grabby. Plus my friends were over so I wanted to seem cool and you know we all do that. But I saw something I really wanted so I went behind the shelf and took it. So I ran out of the museum, and I went back to my house with my friends I showed them it and they got mad that I took it. But at night I set it on my counter and when I woke up “ IT’S GONE!” she shouted.

Lunar Eclipse – by Senee

In class we were learning about the Lunar Eclipse. Once the teacher said “ Now, who wants to see it?” The entire class’s hands went up when she said this. Once we all went outside it was so bright everyone got these cool glasses and was told not to look at the Lunar Eclipse with your glasses off or else you will go blind.  Because someone looked at it with their glass off we had to end early. Once it was over This girl said “ But where did it go?” She shouted. “It got covered up.” I said.

To be continued…


“Well Sarah, you’re very fit for the job as a storm chaser, but you need to sign this and agree to the job.” “I do very much agree, but I thought that I was going to have some science to my part”? “I am very clever with them sir”! “Hmmmm we’ll see, since of the virus we are shortage of people so you need to start right away.” “Hello, and welcome to the Springfield weather channel’’. “So today it’s very cloudy…wait what’s that thing in the sky”? “It’s so bright can’t see”! “Wait, but where did it go?” “Hmm Weird”?

The creature in the forest 100w/c Aidan

It was Saturday when I was walking in the near by forest with my neighbors. Then we heard a noise behind us. We saw creepy eyes in the trees, and I peeked into bush and saw a baby dragon with blue fur. It had a net around it and was struggling to get out. So I took a stick and cut open the net. I picked it up and the dragon disappeared. I said it left. My neighbor said “ but where did it go?” She shouted. I said “ I don’t know.” I went to my house and saw the creature.

Flying Squirrel!!! Jayla 100WC

When I was 7 years old, my parents wanted to get me a pet. They went to the pet store, but saw no pets available. I was at home, waiting for my pet, when my parents came. They had a very sad look on their faces. “What’s wrong?”, I asked. My dad replied with, “We couldn’t find you a pet.” I then shouted out the word, “BROWNIE!!” and suddenly, a small brown squirrel flew inside the house. It then flew back outside in a flash. “What was that?”, Mom said. “A squirrel“. I said. “But where did it go?”, she shouted….