Different bike/Alina

Wow this new bike is going to definitely make me win in this race. Wait why does everyone have the same bike as me it’s even the same color! Ugh this bike was expensive I’m not returning it and getting a new one. Hmm my friend Mr. Foxy always has good ideas, I’ll take it to him. Ok well Mr. foxy says to zip tie the bike to a pole and spray paint it. Not a bad idea I’m going to use yellow! Now when I race my bike will be the fastest and the most unique. Yes first place!

100 W/C- charley

I think that bike got there because the person riding it was on their way to the store. Then I think he tripped on a log, and then did a wheelie, and got stuck there. Then he was waiting and waiting to get picked up, but then he died of starvation. His mother though saw him there, and started to cry that she went to ride the same colored back. The boys mother though also tripped on a log and got stuck there with her bike. She is waiting for help, but then is stuck there with no help forever.

My Bike- Leona

I have a yellow bike, and everyone thinks it’s ugly. People bully me because of it, and the only person that likes it is my best friend, Alina. One day, I was riding my bike with Alina, and someone pushed us off of our bikes. We were yelling at them. They were punching us, and they stole our bikes. They zip-tied my bike to a tree. I was unconscious, and I passed out. Alina went to get our parents. Everyone was so scared. I woke up when our parents got here. We were all hugging each other. We went home.

The Car Hit…. KALA

Yesterday  I read a fortune cookie and it said “ Today you will feel everything is going wrong.” And i didn’t think much of it, but later I wanted fruit and there was one blueberry leftover. So I just ate something else. But then I wanted to go on a bike ride and I did in my yellow bike and my green sweater. And I went down the steep hill. “ DUN DUN DUN.” Then i see it’s rush hour so I went when I thought no one was there than there was a car and I ran right into the pole.

The Unusual Bike By Aidan 100w/c

Back in Bike City, the yellow bike was exercising because he realized he had a rotund shape when all he did was play video games. The yellow bike had a yellow seat, yellow handles, and yellow tires. Everybody liked him now because he was buff.  People said it was like looking at a big yellow banana. One night, bad guys snuck into the yellow bike’s high tech house and put a high tech magnet on his workout pole. In the morning, he was working out on the pole and when he tried to get out, he was stuck there forever.