The new pet. Kala

My parents knew I was getting bored and out of shape. So they were talking and they decided to get me a pet. But they wanted me to start with an easy to contain pet. So they got me a tourtise , but i was thankful. Although my parents somehow set ground rules for a tourtise. One was he can’t stay awake past 7:30 and another was he must not leave his cage ever. So guess how I went places with him… I had to carry his cage. But when I just wouldn’t think it / he would take off away he went.

Summer camp/Alina

Mom do I have to go to summer camp? “Yes, all you do is play video games’’! Fine whatever! This place isn’t so bad. ‘’Hello Jimmy I’m your camp counselor, please put your bag down. Over there is your partner Joe you guys are going to build planes. Ok he looks nice. Hi Joe I’m Jimmy. I know you’re also going to build the plane I’m going by my friends. What! “Sorry bye. “Ok everyone time to present your planes”. “Jimmy where’s your plane”? I tried to make it, but…when it just wouldn’t take off…I gave up. I’m very sorry.

100 w/c- charley

One day a boy named Harry was going on a jog, then he saw a rocket ship he ran up to… when it just wouldn’t take off…, so he went away to his house. Then he looked out side his window cause he can’t play his game cause he got grounded then he saw the exact rocket ship took off. Then he ran outside, and his friend said that was Neil Armstrong in that rocket ship he went crazy cause his favorite guy was Neil Armstrong. Harry then woke up, and this was just a dream. He was so sad.

The Rocket Dog By Aidan 100 w/c

One regular morning, I woke up and I heard that the tv was on. I walked in the living room and saw my dog Spike sitting up on my couch wearing clothes. I said, “ Hey Spike,  what are you doing on the couch?! ” Spike said, “ Uhhh nothing, just acting like a dog. ” I said “ No, you are Rocket Dog!” He said “ Yes, but don’t tell anybody! ” I told Spike there was a robbery near us 10 minutes ago. He got on his jet suit and rocket, but when it just wouldn’t take off, he gave up and the robbers had fled.


The Plane That Wouldn’t Take Off-Leona WC

I woke up at 3:00 AM today. I’m so tired, and my flight takes off at 6:00 AM. Ugh, I can’t find my camera. Last night I forgot to pack my bag, so their is a high chance I’m not going to get on my plane on time. I get to the airport by 4:00 AM. I’m glad I live close to the airport! I get on my plane… when it just wouldn’t take off… The pilot said, “Attention everyone! This plane has been malfunctioning, and your flight will be moved to 10:00 AM.’’ I screamed, “I GOT UP THIS EARLY FOR NOTHING? UGH!’’